Department of History

How to Declare History as a Concentration

Follow these step to declare your concentration in History:

1. Fill out the History Concentration Form

Complete the editable form as completely as possible, including envisioned future courses. This will be the basis for conversations with your advisor.

Editable History Concentration Form (PDF)

2. Meet with your Concentration Advisor

Bring the draft History Concentration Form to the meeting. Your Concentration Advisor will determine whether your plan fulfills all requirements. If necessary, your Concentration Advisor will suggest alternatives. Be sure any questions you have are answered.

Concentration Advisors are always very busy during the week before the filing deadline. Students are advised to see their advisors well in advance of this deadline. See the Registrar's Office Calendar for more information.

List of Concentration Advisors and Their Office Hours

3. Log on to ASK

Complete the forms to declare your concentration in History in ASK.

ASK Login

4. Follow up with your Advisor

Follow up with your concentration advisor as necessary.

List of Concentration Advisors and Their Office Hours

Additional Concentration Information

Engaged scholars combine hands-on experiences such as internships, public service, humanitarian and development work with their academic learning in order to develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for social engagement.
The field of focus may be geographical (such as Latin America) or geographical and chronological (such as Modern North America) or transnational (such as ancient world) or thematic (such as urban history).