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The History Department Undergraduate Group (DUG) organizes events and activities to promote community among history students, concentrators, and faculty. They host panels and lunches with faculty, student-led registration advising sessions, and other events throughout the year. 

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You can learn more about the History DUG and the programming they have planned by joining the Facebook group,

Leaders/Peer Advisors for 2022-23

Class of 2023

Michal LorenHi! I’m Michal Loren and I’m a senior from Philadelphia, PA studying History with a focus in the early modern world. I’m particularly interested in gender, science/magic/knowledge, everyday life, witchcraft, nature, and public history, among lots of other things. I’ve had the honor of being supported by History faculty, staff, and fellow students in so many ways throughout my time at Brown, so I’m super excited to be on the DUG this year. I’m also president of Brown Active Minds, a Meiklejohn peer advisor, an editor for the Brown Journal of History, and a student worker at the John Hay Library. I’d love to talk with you about any of these things!

Robert MurrayMy name is Robert Murray, I’m studying History with a focus on pre-modern Europe. I really enjoy Roman history courses and anything to do with the middle ages. I’m also the Vice President of RUSA (Resumed Undergraduate Student Association), and active with the Brown Student Veterans. Prior to coming to Brown, I was in the Marine Corps and served as a tank crewman.

Ben RosennHi folks! My name is Ben Rosenn, and I'm from New York City. I’m concentrating in history with a focus on crime, law, and punishment. The things that I love most about concentrating in history here at Brown is how passionate history students are about their work, and, more importantly, how eager they all are to share what they are learning with one another. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have yet to take a class in the history department that I didn’t love. Aside from the DUG, I have been involved with Brown Mock Trial, Brown Political Review, Brown Jewish Life, HOPE @ Brown, and the Rhode Island Center for Justice. Feel free to reach out so we can chat!

Class of 2024

Toby BerggruenHello, and a warm welcome to Brown's History Department! I am Toby Berggruen, and I am a History and Religious Studies concentrator at Brown. In the past I have worked at the Rhode Island Historical Society, the John Carter Brown Library, and Columbia University's Center for American Studies. I edit the Brown Journal of History and previously served as a BRYTE tutor and Meiklejohn Peer Advisor. I am primarily interested in narratives of reenchantment in the early modern and modern periods; Jonathan Edwards and his afterlives; American Transcendentalism; utopian socialist experiments; the cultural criticism of Lewis Mumford and Paul Goodman; the Black Atlantic; the Baroque; and somaesthetics. Thinkers I am currently thinking about include Blaise Pascal, Michel de Certeau, Theophus Smith, Jane Bennett, Birgit Meyer, Ananda Coomaraswamy, David Abram, Margaret Cavendish, Epeli Hau'ofa, David Summers, Don Ihde, and Richard Shusterman. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or ideas; I look forward to hearing from you!

Janelle BarnettHi everyone! My name is Janelle Barnett ‘24 and I’m planning to double concentrate in History and Public Health. I’m most interested in American history, specifically the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. History courses have been some of my favorite classes that I’ve taken at Brown thus far.  The professors are so enthusiastic about their fields of study and they make classes very interesting and engaging. Outside of history, I’m a TA for PHP0310 and I’m also a proud member of Brown HOSA and the Brown Band.

Sarah LiuHi! I’m Sarah Liu and I’m from Dalian, China. I’m planning on concentrating in history and CS, with a particular interest in women’s history. I love studying history at Brown because I’m surrounded by a group of incredibly talented and dedicated classmates, as well as passionate and welcoming professors. My favorite part of history classes is definitely the discussions. I get to learn so much from the amazing insights of others. I’m super excited to be a part of DUG this year, and I'd love to chat about anything, history-related or not! Outside of the history DUG, I’m a TA for CS15, a senior editor at the Brown Journal of History and the co-head of recruitment at French House. Looking forward to meeting you!

Madeleine VerityMy name is Madeleine Verity and I’m from Greater Boston. I’m planning to concentrate in International and Public Affairs and History. I’m very interested in American history, and especially the history of the American West and public lands management. Taking history courses from a wide range of specific eras and locations has been my favorite part of Brown so far! I’m super excited to be a part of the DUG this year and to keep observing how much the History Department has to offer. Outside of history, I’m a volunteer for the Brown Market Shares program, a Fitness Assistant at the Nelson Fitness Center, and an editor for the Brown Journal of World Affairs.