Department of History

Life after Brown

Brown degree holders have gone on to edit and write for major publications; participate in public policy and lead nonprofits; perform historical consulting and work in public history; and direct educational programs at every level.

In 2017, the Brown History Department became one of 36 programs nationwide to take part in a series of Career Diversity for Historians Faculty Institutes initiated by the American Historical Association and funded by the Mellon Foundation. This project is aimed at reshaping graduate training at both the MA and PhD levels to meet the shifting landscape of higher education and to more accurately reflect the diverse careers which our alums and students already pursue. Brown degree holders have gone on to edit and write for major publications; participate in public policy and lead nonprofits; perform historical consulting and work in public history; and direct educational programs at every level. They also hold academic positions around the globe. Brown students have an increasing number of opportunities to develop a deep resume of professional skills alongside their training in research and writing.

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Brown History PhD Careers


Anne Brooke Grasberger, Visiting Assistant Professor, Boston College

Aaron Jacobs, Dean’s Faculty Fellow, Brown University

Joseph Leidy, Research Associate in the Faculty of History at Oxford University, UK

Jenny Tsundu, Dean’s Faculty Fellow, Brown University

Suvaid Yaseen, Visiting Lecturer in History, Mount Holyoke

George Elliott (STEaM), Continuing Lecturer in History, Purdue University Northwest

Thamyris F. T. Almeida, Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College

Yu-chi Chang, Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College

Sherri V. Cummings, Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College

George Elliott, Lecturer in History, Purdue University Northwest, Faculty Fellow, TRIO Program

Mayer Juni, Bruce Slovin Assistant Professor of History and Jewish Studies, Cornell University

Emily Salemi (Pierson), Teacher, The Covenant School, Charlottesville, VA

Leslie-William T. Robinson, Lecturer, History of Science, Harvard University

Yu-chi Chang (East Asia), Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese History, Oberlin College

Ann Daly (U.S.), Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University

Leland Grigoli (Medieval Europe), Editor, Perspectives on History, American Historical Association

Mayer Juni (Early Modern Europe and Atlantic World), Assistant Professor of History, Cornell University

Daniel McDonald (Latin America and the Caribbean), Postdoctoral Fellow, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford

Simeon Simeonov (U.S.), Petar Beron i Nie Postdoctoral Fellowship, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria

Judith Smith (Modern Europe), Researcher, Joan Holmes and Associates, Ottawa, Canada

Charles Carroll, Assistant Director, Writing Center, Brown University

Javier Fernandez Galeano, Juan de la Cierva Fellow, Institute for the History of Science & Medicine, Universitat de València

Diego Luis, Assistant Professor of History and Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora, Tufts University

Abhilash Medhi, Assistant Professor of History, Mount Holyoke

Harry Merrit, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of History and the Carolyn and Leonard Miller Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Vermont

Heather Sanford, Research Manager, Boston University Center for Anti-Racist Research

Sam Caldis (Ancient), Assistant Director, Administration and Faculty Affairs Brown University School of Professional Studies

Charles Carroll (Medieval Europe), Assistant Director, Writing Center,  Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning; and Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Brown University

Amy Kerner (Modern Europe), Assistant Professor of History, University of Texas, Dallas

Alicia Maggard (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, Auburn University

Harry Merritt (Modern Europe), Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Brown University

Shiuon Chu (East Asia), Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinicia (Taipei, Taiwan)

Anne Gray Fischer (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, University of Texas, Dallas

Christopher Gillett (Early Modern Europe), Assistant Professor of History, University of Scranton

Jonathan Lande (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University

Frances Tanzer (Modern Europe), Rose Professor of Holocaust Studies and Jewish Culture, Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University

Andre R. Pagliarini (Latin America and the Caribbean), Lecturer, Program in Latin American, Latino, & Caribbean Studies, Dartmouth College

Patrick Chung (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, University of Maryland

Zoe Ann Griffith (Middle East), Assistant Professor of History, Baruch College, City University of New York

Liise Lehtsalu (Early Modern Europe), Honorary Research Fellow, School of History, University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK); Research Development Staff, Eurac Research (Bolzano, Italy)

Isadora Moura Mota (Latin America and the Caribbean), Assistant Professor of History, Princeton University

Bryan C. Brinkman (Ancient), Instructor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Missouri State University

Zachary Dorner (Early Modern Europe), Patrick Henry Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History, Johns Hopkins University; Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Rachel Gostenhofer (Early Modern Europe), Freelance writer

Benjamin Holtzman (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, Lehman College

Joseph M. Kurz (Ancient), Instructor, Department of Social Studies, Francis Parker School, San Diego

Adam J. Sacks (Early Modern Europe), Assistant Professor, Faculty of Liberal Education, FLAME University (Pune, India)

William Tatum (Early U.S.), Dutchess County Historian, Greater Hudson Heritage Network

Jennifer Wells (Early Modern Europe), Assistant Professor of History, George Washington University

Adam (Sam) Boss (Medieval Europe), Assistant Director, Community-Engaged Learning and Research Program, Bates College

Jonathan Gentry (Early Modern Europe), Assistant Professor of History and Philosophy, Kennesaw State University

Celeste Han (Early U.S.), Independent Researcher

Bryan Knapp (Modern U.S.), Visiting Assistant Professor, Connecticut College

Michele Mericle (Latin America and the Caribbean), Senior Consultant and Freelance Writer, Winthrop Group

Laura Perille (Early Modern Europe), Associate Director, Office of Fellowships, Awards, and Resources, Georgetown University

Lindsay Schachenbach Regele (Early U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, Miami University of Ohio

Stephen Chambers (Early U.S.), Senior Consultant and Manager, History Division, Winthrop Group

Sonja Glaab-Seuken (Modern Europe), Head of Media Research, Link Institute (Zürich, Switzerland)

Christopher Lamberti (Modern U.S.), Affiliated Researcher and Instructor, DePaul University Labor Education Center

Daniel M. Loss (Modern Europe), Lecturer, History and Literature, Harvard University

Amy Marshall (Modern East Asia), Assistant Professor of History, Florida International University

Julia F. Timpe (Modern Europe), Lecturer in Contemporary History, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

William C. Brucher (Modern U.S.), Instructor, Labor Studies, Rutgers University

Nicole Eaton (Modern U.S.), Lecturer, Harvard University

Sarah C. Fingal (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of American Studies, California State University, Fullerton

Jonathan Hagel (Modern U.S.), Lecturer and Academic Program Associate, University of Kansas

Stephen M. Higa (Medieval Europe), Visiting Assistant Professor, Bennington College

Kevin A. Hoskins (Modern U.S.), Curriculum Developer, The Choices Program, Brown University

Jooyoung Lee (Modern U.S.), Research Professor, Gangneung-Wonju National University of South Korea

Elizabeth S. Meloy (Modern Europe), Lecturer, Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University

Daphna Oren-Magidor (Early Modern Britain), Program Manager, Dan David Prize, Tel Aviv University

Shih-Chieh Su (Modern Europe), Associate Professor of History, Delaware Valley College

Christopher Barthel (Modern Europe), Senior Manager for Academic and Public Programming, Center for Jewish History

Emily Wicken Brimsek (World), History Field Specialist, National Center on Education and the Economy

Caroline Cortina (Modern U.S.), Senior Program Officer, National Endowment For the Humanities

Lara K. Couturier (Modern U.S.), Director, Higher Education Policy, HCM Strategists

Thomas C. Devaney (Medieval Europe), Associate Professor of History, University of Rochester

Elisa Gollub (Modern Europe), Program Officer, Jewish Community Federation

Oded Rabinovitch (Early Modern Europe), Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University

Gabriel N. Rosenberg (Modern U.S.), Associate Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies & History, Duke University

Erik Anderson (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, San Antonio College

Shih Chieh Lo (China), Assistant Professor of History, University of Connecticut; Associate Professor of History, National Taiwan University

Paige Meltzer (Modern U.S.), Director of the Women's Center and Affiliated Lecturer, Wake Forest University

Mo Moulton (Modern Britain), Lecturer, University of Birmingham

Erica J. Ryan (Modern U.S. and Women's History), Associate Professor and Director, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Rider University

Derek Seidman (Modern U.S.), Assistant Professor of History, D’Youville College

Stacie Taranto (Modern U.S. and Women's History), Associate Professor of History, Ramapo College

Farid M. Azfar (Early Modern Britain), Associate Professor of History, Swarthmore College

Samuel L. Brenner (Modern U.S.), Partner in the Intellectual Property Litigation practice group, Ropes & Gray LLP, Boston, MA

Douglas R. Burgess (Early Modern Britain), Associate Professor of History, Yeshiva University and Affiliated Professor of Legal History, Benjamin Cardozo School of Law

Lauren N. Faulkner (Modern Europe), Limited Term Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University

Sheyda Jahanbani (Modern U.S.), Associate Professor of History, University of Kansas

Christopher L. Jones (Modern U.S.), History Instructor, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

Marisela Ramos (Modern Latin America), History Instructor, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

Mark W. Robbins (Modern U.S), Associate Professor of History, Del Mar College

Ling Shiao (Modern China), Research Professor, Southern Methodist University

Caroline Boswell (Early Modern Britain), Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Kelly Colvin (Modern Europe), Assistant Clinical Professor, Honors College, University of Maryland

Matthew W. Dunne  (Modern U.S.), Associate Professor of History, Housatonic Community College

Thomas P. Jundt (Modern U.S. and Environment), Independent Scholar

James Kabala (Modern U.S.), Adjunct Professor, Rhode Island College

Anna Manchin (Modern Europe), Independent Researcher

Tshombe Miles (Modern Latin America), Assistant Professor of Black and Latino Studies, Baruch College

Coree A. Newman (Medieval Europe), Teacher and Independent Scholar

Andrew J. Romig (Medieval Europe), Associate Professor of European Medieval Studies, New York University

Hongjie Wang (China), Associate Professor of History, Georgia Southern University

Jason C. White (Early Modern Britain), Assistant Professor of History, Appalachian State University

Jennifer Wilz (Modern Europe), Executive Director and Academic Tutor, Huntington Learning Center

Catherine Worley (Modern Europe), Lecturer in Western Culture, Hampden-Sydney College

Richard Canedo (Modern U.S.), History Teacher, Hill Charter Public School

James Meyer (Russia/Middle East), Associate Professor of History, Montana State University

Ilyana Karthas (Modern Europe), Associate Professor of History, University of Missouri

Steven Seegel (Modern Russia), Professor of History, University of Northern Colorado

Sarah Yeh (Early Modern Britain), Assistant Head of School and Dean of Faculty, Concord Academy

Robert Fleegler (Modern U.S.), Instructional Assistant Professor of History, University of Mississippi

Shiho Imai (Modern U.S.), Associate Professor of History, State University of New York–Potsdam

Matthew Kadane (Early Modern Britain), Professor of History, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Glen Lafantasie (Modern U.S.), Richard Frockt Family Professor of Civil War History and Director, Western Civil War Center, Western Kentucky University

Keren McGinity (Modern U.S.), Director, Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement, Hebrew College

Emily O’Brien (Early Modern Europe), Associate Professor of History, Simon Fraser University

Alexandru Vari (Modern Europe), Professor of History, Marywood University

Daniel Williams (Modern U.S.), Professor of History, University of West Georgia

Leigh Yetter (Early Modern Britain), Senior Director, Strategy and Operations, McGill University, Office of the Provost

Brian Bockelman (Modern Latin America), Associate Professor of History, Ripon College

Andrew Huebner (Modern U.S.), Professor of History, University of Alabama

Matthew Sneider (Early Modern Europe), Associate Professor of History, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Francesca Trivellato (Early Modern Europe), Barton M. Biggs Professor of History, Yale University

James Woodard (Modern Latin America), Professor of History, Montclair State University

Patricia Cowan (Modern China), Adjunct Faculty, Rhode Island School of Design

Christopher Frazer (Modern Latin America), Assistant Professor of History, St. Francis Xavier College, Canada

Shelley Drake Hawks (Modern China), Adjunct Faculty, Middlesex Community College; Visiting Lecturer, Mount Holyoke College

Tia Malkin (Modern Latin America), Assistant Professor of History, West Chester University

Joshua Marshall (Early America), Founder and Editor, Talking Points Memo

Alan Petigny (Modern U.S.), Associate Professor of History, University of Florida

Harry Rothschild (China), Assistant Professor of Asian History, University of North Florida

Friederike Baer (Early America), Associate Professor of History, Penn State Abington

Charles Beatty-Medina (Colonial Latin America), Professor of History, University of Toledo

Liam Brockey (Early Modern Europe), Professor of History, Michigan State University

Penelope Brownell (Modern U.S.), Lecturer, Edmunds Community College, Washington

Nathaniel Frank (Early America), Author and Director, What We Know Project, Cornell University

Andrew Gentes (Russia), Lecturer, University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)

Kurt Graham (Early America), Director, Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

David Hamlin (Modern Europe), Professor of History, Fordham University

Benjamin Klein (Early Modern Britain), Lecturer, Cal State University East Bay

James Sparrow (Modern U.S.), Associate Professor, University of Chicago

Joshua Zeitz (Modern U.S.), Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at AppNexus; Contributing Editor, Politico

Margaret Crosby-Arnold (Modern Europe), Adjunct Associate Research Scholar, European Institute, Columbia University

Cheng-Hua Fang (China), Professor of History, National Taiwan University