Department of History

Engaged Scholars Program

Engaged scholars combine hands-on experiences such as internships, public service, humanitarian and development work with their academic learning in order to develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for social engagement.

Engaged Scholars should be interested in not only learning about how societies and cultures across the world change over time, but also understanding the social and public role of the past in the present, studying public perceptions and attitudes towards history, and connecting these theoretical and academic approaches with meaningful and respectful engagement with communities and organizations outside of Brown.

Certificate Requirements

Students in History--and any other concentration--can submit a declaration for the Engaged Scholarship Certificate (ESC) in ASK. The ESC allows undergraduate students to define the public, civic, and/or social justice issue on which they will focus.

  • Each student will take SOC 0310: Theory and Practice of Engaged Scholarship and
  • Propose a set of three experiences—a three-course interdisciplinary elective sequence, a community-based practicum, and a capstone—related to the issue they define as their focus.

Additional ESC Information

Additional ESC-Related Opportunities

The Royce Fellowship supports Brown undergraduates as they carry out independent engaged research projects of their own design in locations across the United States and around the world. Fellows conduct their research under the supervision of a faculty member and as part of an interdisciplinary cohort of students from across the university.
Engaged Research Mini-Grants support expenses related to conducting and/or presenting engaged research that involves some collaboration with community members or organizations, as well as the creation of a product, analysis, or other outcome that will be shared with the community partner and/or broader public audiences.
In addition to the Royce Fellowship and the Engaged Scholars Program, the Swearer Center offers many way to engage.

There are also opportunities for students to give presentations on their engaged scholarship.


Questions about the Engaged Scholarship Certificate

If you have questions about the Engaged Scholarship Certificate or related resources and opportunities, contact the Swearer Center

Questions about the ESC alongside the History Concentration

If you are interested in pursuing the Engaged Scholarship Certificate alongside the History concentration, you can contact Prof. Daniel Rodriguez.

Additional Concentration Information

If you’re a concentrator or interested in concentrating, there’s an advisor standing by to help you.