Department of History

Writing Designated Courses

The History Department offers a wide variety of courses that can fulfill the College's Writing Designated (WRIT) requirement.

Detailed information about each WRIT course offered the current semester can be found on Courses@Brown

Fall 2023

  • HIST 0510B History of Tokyo, Kerry Smith 

  • HIST 0552A A Textile History of Atlantic Slavery, Seth Rockman 

  • HIST 0580M The Age of Revolutions, 1760-1824, Jeremy Mumford 

  • HIST 0682E Lobsters, Thylacines, and Bacteria: An Introduction to Animal Histories, Sarah Christensen

  • HIST 0233 Colonial Latin America, Jeremy Mumford 

  • RELS 0090M Religion Violence and Media, Nancy Khalek

  • HIST 1112 China's Early Modern Empires, Cynthia Brokaw

  • HIST 1121 The Modern Chinese Nation: An Idea and Its Limits, Rebecca Nedostup

  • HIST 1200C History of Greece: From Alexander the Great to the Roman Conquest, Kenneth Sacks

  • HIST 1531 Movement Politics in Modern America, Robert Self 

  • HIST 1825F Nature, Knowledge, Power in Early Modern Europe, Tara Nummedal 

  • HIST 1931L Women, Gender and Feminism in Early Modern Europe, Caroline Castiglione

  • HIST 1931L Women, Gender and Feminism in Early Modern Europe (ITAL 1262), Caroline Castiglione 

  • HIST 1956A Thinking Historically: A History of History Writing, Kenneth Sacks 

  • HIST 1963Q Sex, Power, and God: A Medieval Perspective, Amy Remensnyder 

  • HIST 1964F Early Modern Ireland, Tim Harris 

  • HIST 1968A Approaches to the Middle East, Beshara Doumani 

  • HIST 1972A American Legal History, 1760-1920, Michael Vorenberg 

  • HIST 1974D River Histories: Fishes, Floods and the Transformation of Freshwater Ecosystems, Brian Lander 

  • HIST 1982A Narrating the Anthropocene (ENVS 1911), Bathsheba Demuth 

Spring 2024

None Offered

  • HIST 0654A Welfare States and a History of Modern Life, Robert Self 

  • HIST 0286B History of Medicine II: The Development of Scientific Medicine in Europe and the World, Harold Cook 

  • HIST 1141 Japan in the Age of the Samurai, Kerry Smith

  • HIST 1211 Crusaders and Cathedrals, Deviants and Dominance: Europe in the High Middle Ages, Amy Remensnyder

  •  HIST 1262M Truth on Trial: Justice in Italy, 1400-1800, Caroline Castiglione 

  • HIST 1266D British History, 1660-1800, Tim Harris

  • HIST 1457 History of the Palestinians, Beshara Doumani 

  • HIST 1512 First Nations: The People and Cultures of Native North America to 1800, Linford Fisher

  • HIST 1964D Women in Early Modern England, Tim Harris 

  • HIST 1969A Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples I, Omer Bartov 

  • HIST 1972J Racial Capitalism and U.S. Liberal Empire, Naoko Shibusawa

  • HIST 1974M Early Modern Globalization, Adam Teller

  • HIST 1976C Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Environmental Histories of Non-Human Actors, Nancy Jacobs 

  • HIST 1976R Histories of the Future, Kerry Smith 

  • HIST 1977I Gender, Race, and Medicine in the Americas, Daniel Rodriguez 

Additional Course Information

A brief guide to some of the history department’s course offerings for the academic year.
In their content and their objectives, Race, Power, and Privilege (RPP) courses examine issues of structural inequality, racial formations and/or disparities, and systems of power within a complex, pluralistic world