Department of History

Premodern Era Courses

History concentrators must take at least two courses in the "Premodern" era (P).

At Brown, "P" courses must be taken in courses with History Department faculty, with very few exceptions. These exceptions must be discussed with one's concentration advisor. Abroad or at other institutions, the "P" requirement can be fulfilled only in a course offered by a history department. Please bring syllabi to a concentration advisor to verify that the course meets the requirement.

General principle: at least 2/3 of a course's content must be dedicated the "premodern" era--however defined by the field--for the course to fulfill the "P" requirement.

For more details about these courses for current term, see: Courses@Brown.

Fall 2022

None Offered

None Offered

  • HIST 0233 Colonial Latin America, Jeremy Mumford
  • HIST 0270A "From Fire Wielders to Empire Builders: Human Impact on the Global Environment before 1492" Brian Lander
  • HIST 1101 Chinese Political Thought, Cynthia Brokaw
  • HIST 1266C English History, 1529-1660, Tim Harris
  • HIST 1964F Early Modern Ireland, Tim Harris

Spring 2023

None Offered

  • HIST 0678A What Do Concubines Have to Do with It? Gender, Sexuality, and Status in the Premodern World, Stacey Murrell
  • HIST 0286A History of Medicine I: Medical Traditions in the Old World before 1700, Harold Cook
  • HIST 1210A The Viking Age, Jonathan Conant
  • HIST 1211 Crusaders and Cathedrals, Deviants and Dominance: Europe in the High Middle Ages, Amy Remensnyder
  • HIST 1930U Slavery in the Ancient World, John Bodel
  • HIST 1931F Mediterranean Culture Wars: Archaic Greek History, c. 1200 to 479 BC, Graham Oliver
  • HIST 1964L Slavery in the Early Modern World, Adam Teller

Additional Course Information

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