Department of History

Funding and Financial Aid

Learn about financing and support for graduate students, research and travel funding, emergency loans and sixth year funding.

Research and Travel Funding

Doctoral students in History in good standing are eligible for departmental funding of travel in support of research and conference presentations through applications submitted once per year, in either fall or spring semester. They are additionally eligible for one-time funding in support of language or other essential research skills acquisition. The department maintains an internal database of external funding competitions and sample applications.

The History Department offers two sources of funding:

  • Research and Travel Funds supports winter and summer research work and conference presentations by doctoral students.
  • The Graduate Open Fund support research and career development activities not normally covered by any of these sources (e.g. MA research, job hunt expenses.)

Ph.D Students

Ph.D students at Brown may match or augment those funds through a number of university sources for conference and research travel.

Emergency Loans

In addition, the University has emergency loan programs that offer immediate assistance.

External Funding and Sixth Year Funding

In cases where students require more than five years to complete the degree, the Graduate School provides sixth-year doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences who are in good standing tuition scholarships and support for health and dental insurance and health services. Students in the seventh year and beyond may apply for tuition scholarships and health insurance.
Advanced students may also obtain funding from various university centers and institutes through Interdisciplinary Opportunity fellowships.

Additional Ph.D. Information