Department of History

Ph.D.s Awarded


  • Anne Brooke Grasberger, "Spirits of the Sea: the Faith of Sailors through the Death of the Age of Sail" — Director: Linford Fisher
  • Aaron Jacobs, "When Lightning Strikes Twice: Race, Memory, Performance and the Revival of the Ku Klux Klan" — Director: Robert Self
  • Joseph Leidy, "An Old Head on Young Shoulders: The Popular Politics of Youth in Lebanon, 1840-1950" — Director: Beshara Doumani
  • Rebecca Marisseau, "The New Bedford Whale Fishery and the Production of the Early American State" — Director: Seth Rockman
  • Suvaid Yaseen, "Islamic Intersections: Religion and Politics in Kashmir in the Long Twentieth Century" — Director: Vazira Zamindar

Thamyris F. T. Almeida, "Soul of a Modern Nation: Television in Cold War Brazil, 1950-1985" — Director: James Green 

Yu-chi Chang, "Imagining the Loss: Maps and StateBuilding in Modern China, 1910s-1940s" — Director: Rebecca Nedostup 

Sherri V. Cummings, "In Search of Equiano’s Sister: Girlhood and Slavery in the Early Modern British Atlantic, 1600-1807" — Director: Roquinaldo Ferreira 

George Elliott, "Saltbox Science: Alchemy, Medicine, and Gershom Bulkeley in the Late Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Atlantic, 1660-1713" — Director: Tara Nummedal 

Mayer Juni, "The Politics of Biography: Inquisition, Identification, and Empire in the Spanish Atlantic" — Director: Tara Nummedal 

Emily Pierson, "Living with the City of the Dead: Garden Cemeteries and Community Formation in Nineteenth Century America" — Director: Linford Fisher 

Leslie-William T. Robinson, "Military Medicine, Morale, and the Affective Management of Men in Early Twentieth-Century United States" — Director: Robert O. Self 

James Wang, "Contesting Mitteleuropa, the Middle European Idea in German Political Thought between Liberalism and Nationalism 1880-1919" — Director: Omer Bartov

Ann Daly, "Minting America: The Politics, Technology, and Culture of Money in the Early United States" — Director: Seth Rockman 

Leland Renato Grigoli, "Technologies of Control: Cistercian Colonialism in Northern France, Occitania, and Catalonia, 1115-1314" — Director: Amy Remensnyder 

Daniel McDonald, "Peripheral Citizenship: The Right to the City in Twentieth-Century São Paulo" — Director: James Green 

Simeon Andonov Simeonov, "Empire of Consuls: Consulship, Sovereignty, and Empire in the Revolutionary Atlantic (1778-1848)" — Director: Seth Rockman

Judith Smith, "Brokers of Humanity: Ethnic Identity, Humanitarian Law, and Mass Violence In Southeast Europe and the Near East, 1864 to 1925" — Director: Omer Bartov 

  • Charles Carroll, "'I Made a New Man in May Mind:' Gender and the Making of the University of Paris, c. 1100-1300" — Director: Amy Remensnyder 
  • Javier Fernandez Galeano, "Contested (Homo) Sexualities: Policing Transnational 'Queer' Cultures In Argentina And Spain (1942-1982)" — Director: James Green 
  • Diego Luis, "The Pacific Meets the Atlantic: How Early Modern Asian Mobility Transformed the Americas" — Director: Evelyn Hu-DeHart 
  • Abhilash Medhi, "Frontier Ontologies: Land, Agrarian Governance, and Infrastructure in British India’s Northwest and Northeast, 1840-1930 — Director: Vazira Zamindar 
  • Harry Merritt, "For the Homeland, Against Each Other: Latvian Soldiers in Nazi German and Soviet Service in World War II" — Director: Omer Bartov 
  • Heather Sanford, "Palatable Slavery: Food, Race, and Freedom in the British Atlantic, 1627-1852" — Director: Linford Fisher
  • Filip Metro Anchidim Ani, "Communities of Destruction: A Biography of the Jewish-Romanian-Ukrainian Borderlands"
  • Amiri Ayanna, "Ethics, Devotion, and Everyday Life: Devotional Literature by Women in Germany's Long Fifteenth Century"
  • Sam Caldis, "Brothers, Colleagues, and Power in Imperial Rome"
  • Talya Housman, ""To Plunder all under the Petty-coate": Prosecuting Sexual Crime and Gendered Violence in The English Revolution"
  • Amy Kerner, "A Fragile Inheritance: The Fate of Yiddish in Argentina (1930-1970)"
  • Alicia Maggard, "One Nation, under Steam: Technopolitics, Steam Navigation, and the Rise of American Industrial Power"
  • Frances Tanzer, "Performing Vienna: Jewish Presence and Absence in Post-Nazi Central Europe"
  • Shiu On Chu, "The Fifth Great Chinese Invention: Examination and State Power in Twentieth Century China and Taiwan"
  • Christopher P. Gillett, "Catholicism and the Making of Revolutionary Ideologies in the British Atlantic, 1630-1673"
  • Anne Gray Fischer, "Arrestable Behavior: Women, Police Power, and the Making of Law-and-Order America, 1930s-1980s"
  • Rachel Knecht, "Visionary Calculations: Inventing the Mathematical Economy in Nineteenth Century America"
  • Brooke Lamperd, "Trading Freedoms: Economic Internationalism in the New Deal"
  • Jonathan Lande, "Disciplining Freedom: U.S. Army Slave REbels and Emancipation in the Civil War"
  • Andre R. Pagliarini, ""The Theater of Formidable Battles" The Struggle for Nationalism in Modern Brazil, 1955-1985"
  • Patrick Chung, "Building Global Capitalism: Militarization, Standardization, and U.S.-South Korean Relations,  1950 - present"
  • Zoe Ann Griffith, "Egyptian Ports and the Ottoman Mediterranean, 1760-1820"
  • Sandra K. Haley, "Urban Pueblo: Gender, Ethnicity, and Work in Oaxaca, Mexico, 1920-1945"
  • Wanda Sanville Henry, "Searching the Dead and Burying the Bodies: Bills of Mortality, Women Searchers of the Dead, and Sextonesses in England from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century"
  • Justina Hwang, "Cold War Courtships: Authoritarian Anti-Communism and Developmental Diplomacy in Latin America and the Republic of China, 1960-1975"
  • Liise Lehtsalu, "Negotiated Lives:  Third Order Women Religious and Their Communities in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Italy" (Recipient of the Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award)
  • Isadora Moura Mota, "On the Imminence of Emancipation: Black Geopolitical Literacy and Anglo-American Abolitionism in Late Nineteenth-Century Brazil"
  • Bryan C. Brinkman, "Popular Collective Speech and the Communication of Ideology: Acclamation in the Roman Empire"
  • Zachary P. Dorner, "Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals, Credit, and Empire in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic"
  • Rachel Gostenhofer, "The Pursuit of Priority in  Enlightenment Paris"
  • Benjamin Holtzman, "Crisis and Confidence: Reimagining New York City in the Late Twentieth Century"
  • Joseph J. Kurz, "The Barcid Empire? An Economic, Social, and Political Study of Imperial Interactions between Carthaginians and Locals in Southern Iberia"
  • Adam J. Sacks, "Healing and Harmony from War to Genocide: The Doctors Chorus of Berlin, 1913-1938"
  • Willliam P. Tatum III, "'For the Good of the King's Service:' The British Legal-Military State, 1715-1782"
  • Jennifer C. Wells, "Prelude to Empire: State Building in the British Archipelago and its Global Repercussions, 1620-1688"
  • Sam Boss, "Outsiders, Crisis, and the Remaking of Urban Community in Medieval France, 1348–1500"
  • Jonathan Gentry, "Sound Bodies: Biopolitics in German Musical Culture, 1850–1910"
  • Eunsun Celeste Han, "All Roads Lead to San Francisco: Black Californian Networks of Community and the Struggle for Equality, 1849–1877."
  • Bryan V. Knapp, "'The Biggest Business in the World': The Nestlé Boycott and the Global Development of Infants, Nations, and Economies, 1968–1988"
  • Michele J. Mericle, "Expanding the Realm of the Possible: Gender and Crypto-Judaism in Seventeenth Century New Spain."
  • Laura Perille, "'A Mirror to Turke': 'Turks' and the Making of Early Modern England."
  • Lindsay Schakenbach Regele, "Manufacturing Advantage: War, The State, and the Origins of American Industry, 1790–1840."
  • John Rosenberg, "Spear Carriers for Empire: The Alliance for American Militarism after the Vietnam War, 1967–1988."
  • Elizabeth Searcy, "The Subconscious Mind in America, 1880–1917."

No Ph.D.s Conferred

  • Stephen Chambers (BA, Chicago; AM, Brown) "The American State of Cuba: The Business of Cuba and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1797-1825"
  • Sonja Glaab (MA, University of Mainz, Germany; AM, Brown) “Covering Crime: Political Violence and the Press in Imperial Germany”
  • Christopher Lamberti (BA, Miami (Ohio); AM, Brown) "Riot Zone: Chicago 1919"
  • Daniel S. Loss (BA, Swarthmore; MPhil, University of Cambridge) "The Afterlife of Christian England, 1944 to the present”
  • Amy B. Marshall (BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; AM, Brown) "Creating Mass Culture in Interwar Japan"
  • Julia Timpe (AM, Brown) "Hitler’s Happy People: Kraft durch Freude’s Everyday Production of Joy in the Third Reich"
  • William C. Brucher (BA, Bates College; AM, Brown University) “On the Edge of the Pacific Rim: Capitalism and Work on the Los Angeles Waterfront”
  • Nicole M. Eaton (BA, Brandeis University; AM, Brown University) “’Moving History Forward: American Women Activists, the Search for a Usable Past and the Creation of Public Memory”
  • Sara C. Fingal (BA, Scripps; AM, Brown University) “Turning the Tide: The Politics of Land and Leisure on the California and Mexican Coastlines in the Age of Environmentalism”
  • Jonathan C. Hagel (BA, Lehigh; MA, Lehigh; AM, Brown University) “In Search of the 'Racist White Psyche': Racism and the Psychology of Prejudice in American Social Thought, 1930-1960"
  • Stephen M. Higa (BA, UC Berkeley; AM, Brown University) "Song and Subjectivity During the Carolingian Reforms, ca.780-ca.850"
  • Kevin A. Hoskins (BA, Boston College; AM, Brown University) “The Wages of Empire: American Labor and Colonialism, 1895-1905”
  • Jooyoung Lee (BA, Seoul National University; AM Brown University) "Making Democracy Korean: American Ideals and South Korean State-Building, 1919-1960"
  • Elizabeth S.Meloy (BA, Bowdoin; MA, Northwestern University;) “Imagining the West of Ireland: Landscape and Memory in the Wake of the Great Famine, 1845-1860”
  • Daphna Oren-Magidor (BA, Tel Aviv University, AM, Brown University) “'Make me a fruitfull vine:' Dealing with Infertility in Early Modern England”
  • Shih-Chieh Su (BA, National Cheng-Kung University; MA, National Tsing-Hua University; AM, Brown University) "Modern Nationalism and the Making of a Professional Historian: the Life and Work of Leopold von Ranke"
  • Christopher Barthel (BA, University of Illinois; AM, Brown University) “Contesting the Russian Borderlands: The German Military Administration of Occupied Lithuania, 1914-1918”
  • Caroline Cortina (BA, North Carolina State University; AM, Brown University) “’To Serve the Race…and Redeem the South”: Gender and the Southern Interracial Network, 1919-1949”
  • Lara Couturier (BS, University of Richmond; AM, Brown University; M.Ed.; Harvard Graduate School of Education) “Accessing Opportunity: The Shifting Debates over College Access, 1945-2010”
  • Thomas Devaney (BA, Trinity College; MAT, Boston College; MA, University of Chicago) “An ‘Amiable Enmity’: Frontier Spectacle and Intercultural Relations in Castile and Cyprus"
  • Elisa Gollub (BA,University of California, Santa Cruz; AM, Brown University) "Many Perestroikas: a Social History of Collective Farm Privatization in Russia"
  • Eileen M. Jacxsens (BA, University of Richmond; MA, Catholic University of America; AM, Brown University) “Learning, Literature, 7 Poetics, and the Formation of Monastic Culture in the Carolingian World”
  • Oded Rabinovitch (MA, Tel-Aviv University, AM Brown University) "Anatomy of a Family of Letters: The Perraults, 1640-1705"
  • Gabriel Rosenberg (BA, Grinnell College; AM, Brown University;) “Breeding the Future: The American 4-H Movement and the Roots of the Modern Rural World, 1914-1948”
  • Emily Anne Wicken (BA, Carleton College, AM, Brown University) “Recasting the Criminal: Scenes of Colonial Violence in the West Indies and Ireland, 1790-1800”
  • Erik Anderson (BA, Grinnell College; AM, Brown University) “Feral Bodies, Feral Nature: Wild Men in America”
  • Jessica L. Foley (BA, College of William and Mary; AM, Brown University) “’Meeting the Needs of Today’s Girl’: Youth Organizations and the Making of a Modern Girlhood, 1945-1980”
  • Shih Chieh Lo (BA, National ChungCheng University; MA, National Tsing Hua  University; AM, Brown University) “The Order of Local Things: Popular Politics and Religion in Wenzhou, 1840-1940”
  • Paige L. Meltzer (BA, Hamilton College; MA, Binghamton University; AM, Brown University) "Maternal Citizens: Gender and Women’s Activism in the United States, 1945-1960"
  • Mo Moulton (BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; AM, Brown University) "Private Irelands: The Legacies of the Anglo-Irish War in Interwar England"
  • Erica Jean Ryan (BA, Sarah Lawrence College; AM, Brown University) "’Red War on the Family’: Sex, Gender, and Americanism, 1919-1929"
  • Derek Seidman (BA, UCLA; MA, Brown University) “The Unquiet Americans: GI Dissent during the Vietnam War”
  • Stacie Taranto (BA, Duke University; AM, Brown University;) “Defending ‘Family Values’: Women’s Grassroots Politics and the Republican Right, 1970-1980”
  • Farid Azfar (BA, Tufts University; MA, University of Southern California; AM, Brown) “Disordered Bodies and Bodies-Politic in British Enlightenment Culture, 1720-1740”
  • Samuel L. Brenner (University of Michigan; AM, Brown; JD, University of Michigan Law School) “Shouting at the Rain: The Voices and Ideas of Right-Wing Anti-Communist Americanists in the Era of Modern American Conservatism, 1950-1974”
  • Douglas R. Burgess (BA, McGill University; JD, Cornell University; AM, Brown) “The Politics of Piracy: A Challenge to English Law and Policy in the Atlantic Colonies, 1660-1730”
  • Lauren N. Faulkner (BA, Simon Fraser University; MA, Simon Fraser University; AM, Brown) “Negotiating the Cross and the Swastika: Catholic Priests and Seminarians as German Soldiers, 1935-1945”
  • Sheyda Jahanbani (BA, Georgetown University; AM, Brown) “’A Different  Kind of People’: The Poor at Home and Abroad, 1935-1980”
  • Christopher L. Jones (BA, Amherst College; AM, Brown) “Deserting Dixie: A History of Emigres, Exiles, & Dissenters from the American South, 1866-1925”
  • Marisela Ramos (BA, Brown; AM, Brown; AM, University of Connecticut) “Black Mexico: Nineteenth-Century Discourses of Race and Nation”
  • Mark W. Robbins (BA, University of Michigan; AM, Brown) “Awakening the ‘Forgotten Folk’: Middle Class Consumer Activism in Post-World War I America”
  • Ling Shiao (BA, Hefei United College; MA, Pennsylvania State University; AM, Brown) “Printing, Reading, and Revolution: Kaiming Press and the Cultural Transformation of Republican China"
  • Caroline S. Boswell (BA, UW-Madison; AM, Brown) “Plotting Popular Disaffection in Interregnum England”
  • Kelly R. Colvin (BA, Bowdoin College; AM, Brown) “Engendering Frenchness: Gender and French Identity during the Long Liberation”
  • Matthew W. Dunne (BA, Stonehill College; AM, Brown) “A Cold War State of Mind: Cultural Constructions of Brainwashing in the 1950s”
  • Thomas P. Jundt (BA, Nebraska; MA, Nebraska; AM, Brown) “The Origins of the Environmental Movement”
  • James S. Kabala (BA, Providence College; AM, Brown) “A Christian Nation?: Religion and the State in the Early Republic, 1787-1846”
  • Anna B. Manchin (BA, Mount Holyoke;  AM, Brown) “Fables of Modernity: Entertainment Films and the Social Imaginary in Interwar Hungary”
  • Tshombe Miles (BA, City College NY; MA, City College NY) “The Fight Against Slavery and Racism in Ceará 1839-1884”
  • Coree A. Newman (BA, Smith College; AM, Brown) “God’s Other Angels: The Role of Helpful and Penitent Demons in Medieval Exempla Literature”
  • Andrew J. Romig (BA, Iowa; MA, Iowa; AM, Brown) “Love in the Material World: Caritas and the Changing Face of Lay Discipleship, 8th – 10th c.”
  • Hongjie Wang (BA, Renmin University; MA, Renmin University; AM, Brown) “Sharing the Mandate: The Former Shu Regime of Wang Jian in the Late Tang and Early Five Dynasties, 891-925”
  • Jason C. White (BA, James Madison; M Litt, St. Andrews; AM, Brown) “Your Grievances are Ours: Militant Pan-Protestantism, the Thirty Years’ War, and the Origins of the British Problem, 1618-1641"
  • Jennifer R. Wilz (BA, Carleton College; AM Brown) “Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin 1870-Present: a neighborhood on the fringe of Germany”
  • Katherine Worley (BA, North Carolina; AM Brown) “’Reason Sways Them’: Masculinity and Political Authority in the English Civil War”
  • Richard Canedo (BA, College of the Holy Cross; AM, Brown), "Entertaining America: Vaudeville and the Middle Ground of American Culture, 1865-1920"
  • John Davies (BA, Dartmouth College; AM, Brown), "The Russian Technical Society and the Reconstruction of Entrepreneurial Culture in Late Imperial Russia "
  • James Meyer (BA, McGill University; AM, Princeton, Brown), "Turkic Worlds: Community Representation and Collective Identity in the Russian and Ottoman Empires, 1870-1914"
  • Ilyana Karthas, (BA, Barnard College, Columbia; AM, Oxford, Brown), "Nation, Modernism, Gender, and the Cultural Politics of Ballet" 
  • Steven Seegel, (BA, History and English, Canisius College; AM, Brown), "Blueprinting Modernity: Nation-State Cartography and Intellectual Ordering in Russia's European Empire, Ukraine, and Former Poland-Lithuania, 1795-1917"
  • Sarah Yeh, (BA, Harvard; AM, Brown), "In an Enemy's Country: British Culture, Identity, and Allegiance in Ireland and the Caribbean, 1688-1763"
  • Robert Fleegler, (BA, Swarthmore; AM, Brown), "A Nation of Immigrants: The Rise of "Contributionism" in the United States, 1924-1965"
  • Shiho Imai, (BA, Sophia; AM, Tufts, Brown), "Creating the Nisei Market: Japanese American Consumer Culture in Honolulu, 1920-1941"
  • Matthew Kadane, (BA, Southern Methodist University; AM, Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science, New School for Social Research; AM, Brown), "The Watchful Clothier: The Diary of an Eighteenth-Century Protestant-Capitalist"" 
  • Glenn W. LaFantasie, (BA, Providence College; AM, University of Rhode Island), "William C. Oates: A Biography" 
  • Keren R. McGinity, (BA, Rutgers; ALM, Harvard; AM, Brown), "Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America" 
  • Emily D. O'Brien, (BA, University of Toronto; AM, Brown), "The Anatomy of an Apology: The War Against Conciliarism and the Politicization of Papal Authority in the Commentarii of Pope Pius II, 1458-1464" 
  • Alexandru I. Vari, (BA, Babes-Bolyai University; AM, Brown), "Commercialized Modernities: A History of City Marketing and Urban Tourism Promotion in Paris and Budapest from the Nineteenth-Century to the Interwar Period" 
  • Daniel Williams, (BA, Case Western Reserve; AM, Brown), "From the Pews to the Polls: The Formation of a Southern Christian Right "
  • Leigh Yetter, (BA, Dalhousie University; AM, Brown), "Attitudes to Crime, Criminality, and the Law in Print in England, c. 1580-c.1700"
  • Brian Bockelman, (BA, Dartmouth; AM, Brown), "Prophets of the Arrabal: Remaking Argentine Culture in Buenos Aires, 1880-1930"
  • Andrew J. Huebner, (BA, Northwestern; AM, Brown), "The Embattled Americans: A Cultural History of Soldiers and Veterans, 1941-1982"
  • Matthew T. Sneider, (BA, University of Colorado; AM, Brown), "Charity and Property -- The Patrimonies of Bolognese Hospitals"
  • Francesca Trivellato, (BA, CaFoscari University, Venice, Italy; AM, Brown), "Trading Diasporas and Trading Networks in the Early Modern Period: A Sepharadic Partnership of Livorno in the Mediterranean, Europe, and Portuguese India (ca.1700-1750)"
  • James P. Woodard, (BA, University of North Carolina; AM, Brown), "A Place in Politics: Sao Paulo, Brazil, from Seigneurial Republicanism to Regionalist Revolt"
  • Patricia J. Cowan, (BA, University of New Hampshire; AM, Duke), "Zhang Dongsun (1886-1973): Philosopher, Social Democrat and Pioneer in the Acculturation of Western Thought in China "
  • Christopher B. Frazer, (BA, University of Calgary; AM, University of Calgary), "Imagining Bandits: Cultural Struggle in Mexico, from Independence to the Revolution" Partnership of Livorno in the Mediterranean, Europe, and Portuguese India (ca.1700-1750)
  • Lisa Else Hartmann-Ting , (BA, Trinity; AM, Brown), "Called to Service: The National Catholic School of Social Service and the Development of Catholic Social Work, 1910-1947 "
  • Shelley D. Hawks, (BA, Dartmouth; AM, Harvard, AM, Brown), "'Painting by Candlelight' during the Cultural Revolution: Defending Autonomy and Expertise under Maoist Rule (1949-1976) "
  • Tia E. Malkin, (BA, California, Berkeley; AM, Brown), "Citizens or Workers? the Politics of Education in Northeast Brazil, 1959-1964"
  • Joshua M. Marshall, (BA, Princeton; AM, Brown), "Settling Down: Labor, Violence and Land Exchange in the Anglo-Indian Settlement Society of 17th Century New England, 1630-1692"
  • Alan Petigny, (BA, University of South Florida; AM, Brown), "The Permissive Turn and the Challenge to Bourgeois Values: Psychology, Secularization, and Sex in the United States, 1940-1965"
  • Norman H. Rothschild, (BA, Harvard; AM, Brown), "The Reconciliation of Opposites: Language, Ritual & Constituent Groups in the Authority of Wu Zhao, China's Only Female Emperor" 
  • Friederike Baer-Wallis, (BA, Boston College; AM, Brown), "Joining the Nation: Germans in the Early American Republic" 
  • Charles Beatty, (BA, Hunter-CUNY; AM, Brown), "Rebels and Conquerors: African Slaves, Spanish Authority, and the Domination of Esmeraldas, 1563-1621 "
  • Liam M. Brockey, (BA, Notre Dame; AM, Brown), "The Harvest of the Vine: The Jesuit Missionary Enterprise in China, 1579-1710"
  • Penelope Brownell, (BA, Washington; AM, Boston College; AM, Brown), "The Women's Committees of the First World War: Women in Government, 1917-1919"
  • Nathaniel Frank, (BA, Northwestern; AM, Brown), "Producing Men: Work, Manhood, and Capitalism in the Early American Republic"
  • Andrew Gentes, (BA, Keene State; AM, California-Riverside; AM, Brown), "Roads to Oblivion: Siberian Exile and the Stsruggle Between State and Society in Russia, 1593-1917 "
  • Kurt Graham, (BA, MA, Brigham Young; AM, Brown), "The Nationalizing Influence of the Lower Federal Courts: Rhode Island, 1790-1812 "
  • David Hamlin, (BA, Yale; AM, Brown), "Work at Play: Toys and the Toy Industry in Germany, 1880-1914 "
  • Benjamin F. Klein, (BA, California-Santa Cruz; AM, Brown), "'The Splendor of this Solemnity': Royal Ceremony and Celebration in Late Stuart England, 1660-1714 "
  • James T. Sparrow, (BA, Pennsylvania; AM, Brown), "Fighting Over the American Soldier: Moran Economy & National Citizenship in World War II"
  • Joshua Zeitz, (BA, Swarthmore; AM, Brown), "'White Ethnic New York': Jews and Catholics in Post-War Gotham, 1945-1970"
  • Andrew F. Bell, (BA, California-Santa Barbara; MA, Oregon; AM, Brown), "Anglophilia. The Hamburg Bourgeoisie and the Importation of English Middle Class Culture in the Wilhelmine Era"
  • Margaret B. Crosby, (BA, Auburn; AM, Brown), "The German Civil Code and the Transformation of German Society: the politics of gender inequality, 1814-1900"
  • Cheng-Hua Fang, (BA, MA, National Taiwan; AM, Brown), "Power Structures and Cultural Identities in Imperial China: Civil and Military Power from Late Tang to Early Song Dynasties (A.D. 875-1063)"
  • Sarah L. Leonard. (BA, California-Santa Cruz; AM, Brown), "The Cultural Politics of 'Immoral Writings': Readers, Peddlers and Police in Germany, 1820-1890"
  • Zachary R. Morgan, (BA, Hunter; AM, Brown), "Legacy of the Lash: Blacks and Corporal Punishment in the Brazilian Navy, 1860-1910"