Department of History

Imen Boussayoud

Ph.D. Candidate
Research Interests Iberian Atlantic world; Intersections of gender/sexuality and race; Libidinal economies; Transmuting of cultural practices across the Atlantic


Imen received her Bachelors in History with a focus on Adolescent Education from Hunter College, exploring research on gender formations and expressions of sexuality in the Iberian Atlantic world. She continued this research post-degree as a Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholar (MICHHERS) Fellow, analyzing the role of gender and sexuality in 17th and 18th century Inquisition documents, particularly those regarding enslaved Africans and Europeans in Brazil. Imen's current interests are focused on the intersection between conquest, social organization, and eros in the Colonial Iberian Atlantic, as well as the view of the African in an Iberian cultural context, with an increasing focus on Moorish influence & legacy.