Department of History

Anil Askin (Anıl Aşkın)

Ph.D. Candidate
History Graduate Lounge (Room 015)
Research Interests History of capitalism, classical and critical political economy, extractivism, moral economy, 19th century Eastern Mediterranean, early modern and modern Ottoman history.
Office Hours Mondays, 2-4PM


"My dissertation brings together histories of capital(ism) and extractivism in the Ottoman empire in the first half of the nineteenth century. By excavating a biography and social mobility of an imperial functionary from the Ottoman state archives, I document and analyze three circuits of capital (mining, merchant’s, industrial) which were orbiting around the Ottoman Imperial Mint. By adopting 'capital' as a primary category of analysis, I develop an expanded definition of 'extractivism' to account for militarized dimensions of capital accumulation."